Blood Flow Restriction Training (BFR)

Blood Flow Restriction Training or BFR is a new training technique that truly embraces the concept of “work smarter not harder.”  It allows you to exercise at lower intensity and with lower weights but achieve significant increases in strength.

To achieve this, a special device is used to help constrict around an arm or a leg and restrict the blood flow. Care must be taken to make sure the right amount of pressure is applied. Our devices for this treatment are 4th generation and have automatic sensors that adjust the pressure continuously for patient safety.  Most patients describe the feeling of the treatment like wearing a blood pressure cuff. The patient then performs low level and very safe exercises while wearing the cuff, and the end results for many patients are nothing short of amazing.

For patients recovering after surgery BFR has been shown to cause a dramatic improvement in strength with very little resistance or weight used. This helps protect the surgical area but allows the patient to make a significant change in their strength accelerating their recovery. Research has shown that BFR training tends to recruit fast twitch muscle fibers which are normally only stimulated with very strenuous activities.

Additional benefits of using BFR training include:

  • increased muscle size faster than regular training alone.
  • similar gains as compared to lifting 20 to 50% more weight.
  • very safe and very low impact on tendons and joints.
  • significantly prevents muscle loss or atrophy especially after surgery.

BFR is not recommended for everyone, as certain conditions such as high blood pressure or peripheral artery disease may increase the risk of complications. When using BFR, it is important to follow proper protocols to ensure safety and effectiveness. It is important to consult with your physical therapist before attempting BFR to ensure it is safe and appropriate for your individual rehabilitation needs and health status.

Homestead Physical Therapy is the only physical therapy clinic in the region utilizing this cutting edge technology.  Too see if BFR could be a part of your treatment plan visit our clinic and schedule an appointment with one of our physical therapists today.

YouTube video on SmartCuffs

Did You Know?

  • BFR allows significant strengthening with very low weight.
  • BFR is a great option for people recovering from surgery.
  • BFR is very effective for elderly people to develop strong muscles without aggravating arthritis issues.

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